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Retirement from Sport: Bow out like Beckham

With the end of the football season just around the corner, some footballers will be thinking seriously about retirement. Perhaps their contract is not going to be renewed, age is catching up with them or they just know that the time is right to hang up their boots for good. Retirement from sport is challenging…

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The real reason you’re not finding a job

An article published on the BBC website recently entitled “Fat people earn less and have a harder time finding work” highlighted the impact appearance has on a person’s likelihood of finding a job. The article cites research findings from the University of Exeter that found that being overweight often leads to lower opportunities in life,…

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Unemployment rate in Switzerland: too old to work at 50?

Official statistics published in February 2016 dealing with the unemployment rate in Switzerland show that over the last year unemployment of people aged between 50 and 64 years has increased significantly more than the 25-49 age group. Whilst the 50plus person is a dream target for companies selling holidays, second homes and insurance policies, employers…

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