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Who is in control of your career?

The job market is uncertain with new roles being invented and others disappearing off the radar. You need to stay on top of your own career if you want to remain effective and in demand, with the willingness to grow and reinvent yourself.

Take control and get the career and life you want. My Career Planning Programme can help you.

Do you face a tough career transition?

Are you feeling at a loss over your career? Need a new purpose? Facing redundancy or retirement? Over 50 and bored out of your mind?

Some career transitions are tougher than others. Our Programmes will help you work out where you want to go from here and how to get there.

Are you happy?

Many of us spend our professional lives chasing career goals, investing most of our time and energy into striving for success. But are you happy? Are you enjoying the journey or merely focusing on the destination? Our “Happiness Revisited” course allows you to identify what gives meaning to your life and how to achieve it.

The road to happiness starts HERE.

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Career Planning Programme

The Career Planning Programme will invite you to:

  • Discover yourself: gain a better understanding of your skills, interests, values, abilities and personality through discussion, self-assessment exercises, psychometric tests and questionnaires
  • Explore your dreams: Ask the important questions: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Where am I now?’ ‘What do I want?’ ‘Where do I want to be?’ – this can be very different from when you first embarked on your career.
  • Prepare your path: Learn to set goals, define an action plan, focus on time management and planning
  • Make it happen: preparation of curriculum vitae, articulation of strengths, coaching and rehearsal in interview techniques.

Career Coaching

Are you on the hunt for new employment…or need coaching with your current job?

Now you don’t have to struggle all alone. We’re offering exclusive online consultations that’ll offer you a wide range of important employment services, friendly support and guidance, and also expert coaching that include:

We offer 25- and 55-minute online consultations via Zoom in English and French.

Happiness Revisited ®

Happiness isn’t just about being happy. There are many more reasons for caring about our state of mind which impact not only our own wellbeing but offer benefits that are more far-reaching than ourselves.

Research into the science of happiness now shows us that feeling good helps us perform better at work. It boosts our physical health, combats the effects of stress in the brain and body, strengthens our relationships and inspires us to be creative. Moreover, being happy makes us more caring, more generous, and, even, a better citizen.

And the key to happiness is not always focusing on the end goal, but enjoying the journey with all its ups and downs, instead.

Our six-part course guides you through what happiness means to you, providing practical exercises and tools to help you. You will come away with a road map for a life of meaning and fulfilment.

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